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Our Team

Our consultants are well respected and travel throughout the U.S. on engagements with clients for information technology security & audit services. Our consultants are all CISA certified and many have obtained the Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) certificate. 

​Our corporate office is located in Birmingham, Alabama and we have been in business for over 30 years. Our consultant team has combined experience of 125+ years as auditors and computer professionals.

Many of our clients we obtain are from client referrals. Our work is very detailed and comprehensive. Call or email us for a proposal or more information. 


GFM Consulting provides services to the financial industry, electric companies, and others. The services provided are Information Technology Audits, IBM i (AS/400) Security Reviews, Cybersecurity Review, Penetration Test, Social Engineering/Phishing Test, Information Security Consulting, Information Technology Risk Assessment, Debit Card Interchange Income Review, and On-Demand Webinars and other areas of information technology.   

Note: We have been very successful compromising networks with our unique methods of attack. Over 90% of the time we have obtained sensitive data, breached networks, and taken control of systems over the last year. Let us help you reduce your security risks and train your staff on what to look out for before a data breach occurs.

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GFM Consulting, Inc.
P.O. Box 361666

Birmingham, AL 35244

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Services Offered Details & News
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Cybersecurity Review

GFM Consulting will review your internal and external segments of your network and identify areas of risk. We will analyze your hardware and application controls of your systems. This review will assist upper management understand the security weakness within your organization.

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Penetration Testing 

GFM Consulting will review and test your network security, firewall, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems, SSL-VPN, IPSEC, wireless system and more. We will conduct phishing test, use common remote applications to attempt/breach network security and more. This test will give your executive team and board of directors a deep level under standing of where many of your security deficiencies are within your organization.

GFM Consulting Cybersecurity Awareness Webinar


On-Demand webinars

GFM Consulting has On-Demand webinars and they are presented by Gordon Morris. The topics of the webinars are on Cybersecurity, IBM i (AS/400) Security, and Softlight Auditor.  



About GFM

GFM Consulting has been in business over 30 years. Gordon Morris started the company in 1989 in Birmingham, Alabama, and the company is regarded as one of the premier IT security and audit firms by banks, regulators, and competitors.  

GFM Consulting Business Partner - IBM
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