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Service Areas

GFM Consulting has been providing the following services for over 30 years. We are highly regarded as one of the premier firms by banks, regulators, and competitors.

Information Technology Audits


Use our Audit Services to increase the comfort level of management and the Board of Directors. Satisfy federal and state regulatory requirements for independent external audits.



Information Security Consulting


Use our security services for Vulnerability Assessments/Penetration test, firewall security evaluations, and to assist in securing systems and providing staff training. 

Information Technology Risk Assessment


Use our Information Technology Risk Assessment services to assist management in developing IT risk models that work effectively for your organization and training staff to maintain the models. 


​Use our new website development services to improve your website security and to build a strong online presence. We will build your website the way you want it and will optimize the website to list well on search engines which will drive traffic to your site.  


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